How to set a wallpaper:
  • on WINDOWS:  Right click on the image and click "Set as Background"
  • on MAC (OS 9.X):  Drag the image onto your desktop, then click the "Desktop" tab in the Appearance control panel. Drag the picture onto the sample screen, and click "Set Desktop."
  • on MAC (OS 10.X):  Drag the image onto your desktop, then open System Preferences and click "Desktop." Drag the image from your desktop to the "Current Desktop Picture" sample screen.
  • on iPad:  Tap and hold an image, choose "Save Image" - it will automatically save to your Photos. Then select the Photos Icon on the main screen of your device. Select the image you just saved and tap the action icon in the top right of the screen. Select "Use as wallpaper".
This wallpaper fits following screen resolutions: 2340x1609
Border of USA and Mexico (on the right) Wallpaper
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